Flowers, candy, not even a card
would do for you.

At Drumroll, we build brand love – a special connection
worth celebrating this time of year with our favorite
things: Champagne, light sabers, Legos and you.


Cast & Crew
(in order of appearance)

  • Director of Photography Kirk
  • Executive Producer Stephen
  • Brand Love Hype Girl Ryann
  • Champagne Popper Michelle
  • Printer Jam Guy Nate
  • Digeridoo Dude Gage
  • Jedi Master Chris
  • Girl in Sunnies Nickie
  • Champagne Chugger Nicole
  • Meta Tim Tim C.
  • Nerf Warrior 1 Olivia
  • Nerf Warrior 2 Mike
  • Guy Making It Rain Tim P.
  • Stormtrooper Kenny
  • Helicopter Guy Kris
  • Ginger Confetti Enthusiast Alissa
  • Rock Star Daniel
  • Bubbles Blower Rachel
  • Confetti Girls Laura & Savanna
  • Sombrero Señoritas Ashley & Erica
  • Glitterati Leighanne, Clare, Inez & Sarah
  • Fist Pumper Dayle
  • Lego Eater Lyle
  • Kirkface Jonathan
  • Party Lantern Girl Meredith
  • Irish Jigger Kelly
  • Cigar Boss Carmen